PBCS Vs EPBCS – What is the difference?





1. Plan Types • 3 BSO
• 3 ASO
• 1 Consolidated Reporting App
• 1 Financial Statement Planning
• 1 Workforce Planning
• 1 Capital Asset Planning
• 1 Project Financial Planning
 2. Customization  Allows users to fully customizes the application  Limited ability to customizes the out-of-box frameworks
 3. Pricing  $120 Per User with a minimum of 10 users  $250 Per User with a minimum of 10










Source: https://knowepmbi.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/pbcs-and-epbcs-features/


What do PBCS and EPBCS have in common?



1. SmartView Both use the SmartView Excel Add-In for Ad-Hoc reporting
2. Financial Reports Both use Financial Reports for Structured Reporting
3. Data Management (FDMEE) Both use Data Management for loading data
4. Hyperion Planning Both products are built off the foundation of Hyperion Planning
5. Minimum of 10 Users Both products require a minimum of 10 users
6. Two Environments Both products include a Development and Production environments










If you are not sure which product to go with then then we would recommend PBCS initially since it is both cheaper and more customizable.


Download information in a neat 1 page PDF → PBCS Vs EPBCS


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