PBCS Vs Essbase Cloud (ESSCS) – What is the difference?

PBCS and Essbase Cloud (ESSCS) are quite different. PBCS is known as Software as a Service (SaaS) whereas ESSCS is known as Platform as a Service (Paas). I’ve outlined the major differences I found below. Hope this is helpful!





1. No. of Cubes  

Limited to 3 BSO and 4 ASO per application instance


Create as many cubes as you want
2. No. of Applications  

Additional applications are additional subscriptions and cost


Unlimited instances at no additional cost
3. Load Rules  

Essbase load rules are not available



Provides load rule and MaxL access and ODI connections


4. FDMEE FDMEE is included  

FDMEE is an additional cost


5. Dashboarding Dashboarding is limited  

Rich Dashboarding capabilities available through BICS/DVCS


6. Storage No storage purchase is required  

Purchase the storage required


7. Databases No DBaaS purchase is required  

Purchase of at least 1 OCPU DBaaS instance required


8. Network Limited options to change connectivity  

Full control on Network and VPN configuration



What do PBCS and ESSCS have in common?

1. Essbase  

Both use Essbase as the storage and calculation engine


2. SmartView  

Both use SmartView excel add-in for reporting



If you have are still unsure about which platform to choose please contact us at sales@gibneyconsulting.com and we will be able to help you make the correct choice for your organization.


Download information in easy PDF → PBCS Vs ESSCS