PBCS Vs Hyperion Planning – What is the difference?

PBCS Vs Hyperion Planning – What is the difference?

This question is coming up again and again with our clients. They want to know what exactly is the difference between PBCS and Hyperion Planning. Overall, they are very similar particular if you are on version of Hyperion Planning. From a user perspective there is very little in the difference however from administrator/developer there are a number of differences. I’ve outlined the major differences I found below. Hope this is helpful!



Hyperion Planning

1. Automation PBCS uses EPM Automate for all automation Hyperion Planning offers multiple utilities to perform specific administrative functions such as Planning Utilities, Maxl and Outline Load Utility (OLU)
2. Data Management


Data Management

· DMEE Lite Version included in PBCS
· Ability to load data to all PBCS cubes
· Ability to map between source and target values
· Can integrate directly with Oracle Cloud Applications
· Does not include Metadata updates


· FDMEE requires separate purchase
· MaxL scripts can be utilized for automation of Essbase loads


3. Limited Applications Limited to 3 BSO and 4 ASO Apps Unlimited Applications

4. User Interface


Simplified User Interface Simplified User Interface or classic Hyperion Planning interface
5. EAS No EAS. EAS functionality moved to Calculation Manager. Full EAS functionality
6. Security No direct external authentication with Active Directory. User setup is done in PBCS via the Oracle Cloud Service Active Directory or Native Accounts can be used.
7. EPMA No EPMA applications just Planning Classic Supports both EPMA and Planning Classic applications.

8. Hardware


No hardware required as PBCS is in the cloud. Hardware required

9. Software


No software required as PBCS is in the cloud. Software required to be installed and configured.

10. Patching


Patching is done automatically. System is always at the latest and greatest features. Patching is not automatic. Patches need to be downloaded and installed.
11. Expense Vs. Capitalize PBCS can be expensed since it’s a SaaS model. Hyperion Planning is normally both expensed and Capitalized.
12. Disaster Recovery & Backups The Oracle Data Center provides you with automatic backups of your application every night, at a time defined by you. Backups are not automatic. They need to be setup to run in automatically.

13. Environment


Two environments: 1. Prod 2. Non-Prod No limit on the number of environments

14. System Administration


Administrator has limited ability to fix issues in system such as service restarts. Administrator has full ability to fix system issues such as service restarts or bouncing servers.



What do PBCS and Hyperion Planning have in common?

1. Essbase  

Both use Essbase as the storage and calculation engine


2. Financial Reports – Web based Financial Reporting Studio and Traditional Financial Reporting Studio have very similar functionality and layout.

– Reporting Books and Batch scheduling are available in both

– Reports can be run in Web Interface or SmartView

– Reports can be output to Excel, PDF and HTML

3. SmartView  

Both use SmartView excel add-in for reporting


4. Planning Platform  

Both are built off the tried and tested Hyperion Planning platform for budgeting and reporting


5. Security  

Users are placed into Application security groups and application security is attached to groups.























When is “PBCS” not a “Good Fit” for an Organization or Department

  1. Want multiple EPM and BI products hosted (HFM, Essbase) and integrations managed together.
  2. Want multiple Planning and Essbase cubes maybe inefficient as each PBCS instance is limited to 7 cubes.
  3. Requires that the customer have administrative control over the Planning server.
  4. Would like to choose their own upgrade and patch timeline
  5. Requires full control on Network and VPN configuration


If you have are still unsure about which platform to choose please contact us at sales@gibneyconsulting.com and we will be able to help you make the correct choice for your organization.

Download information in easy PDF → PBCS Vs Hyperion Planning