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One of the greatest challenges confronting businesses today is the need to increase the operational efficiencies of organizations that create and distribute GAAP-compliant financial reports and other highly formatted management reports. Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting meets this challenge head-on by generating highly formatted, book-quality financial and management reports.

Deliver the Data
Different financial corporations demand different information in different formats and with different delivery requirements—a reality that can translate into a nightmare if you’ve been tasked with preparing reports to distribute the information. With Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting, this doesn’t have to be the case.
Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting turns enterprise data into operational insights by creating book-quality financial reports in a variety of formats for a range of audiences. Compliant with all regulations and external requirements, these easy-to-generate reports can be delivered at once or scheduled for later distribution—enhancing your organization’s financial planning, management, and control.
Best of all, this can all be done with minimal involvement from your IT staff. Even the most non-technical users can employ Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting to:
• Schedule reports for immediate printing and online delivery
• Send e-mail alerts when reports are ready to view
• Create and save batches of reports in a repository or as HTML or PDF files
• Schedule regular reports (daily, weekly, and so on)
• Create books of related reports

Provide Flexible Output and Delivery
Using Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting, you’ll be able to produce boardroom-quality presentations that can be delivered in a variety of formats (including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office and mobile devices) and distributed either as live data or as static snapshots of data at specific points in time. Employing a standard Web browser, users will be able to interact with your data by changing report selections, page members, and navigation options. In short, all of your vital business information will be disseminated without burdening viewers with the mechanics of the process.

Ensure Timeliness and Accuracy
To produce accurate and timely financial reports, you must be able to draw on the most up-to-date data. Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting makes this possible by enabling users to access and analyze data from a variety of sources (regardless of how it’s stored). For example, managers can look into the information stream to view live data, and users can employ an object-oriented design tool to drag-and-drop objects (which are automatically updated as they are changed). A centralized data server ensures that all users and reports draw from “a single version of the truth.”

Access Multidimensional Data
Using Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, you’ll be able to access Oracle’s Hyperion enterprise performance management multidimensional data sources and Oracle Fusion Financials.

Automate Report Production and Delivery
Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting makes it possible for you to generate multiple reports—in a scheduled environment—from single report structures. As a result, your organization will be able to reduce the financial burden of producing costly duplicate reports.

Annotate and Collaborate
You can add text commentary on any report in Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting. It works like a “chat room” where end users can collaborate about the report or report contents. Comments can be left in the report or suppressed and a permanent audit trail of the commentary is created.

Financial Close and Disclosure Management
Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Close and Gibney Consulting Hyperion Disclosure Management applications leverage Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting in a number of important ways. In Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Close Management, users can create reporting tasks that execute automatically or by selecting the task manually. In addition, Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting can be a source for Gibney Consulting Hyperion Disclosure Management regulatory reporting in Microsoft Word. It’s now easier than ever to merge formatted tables from Gibney Consulting Hyperion Financial Reporting with unstructured content in Microsoft Word for creation of an SEC report like a 10k or 10q or an XBRL instance document.

Manage Applications from a Single Foundation
Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting leverages Oracle’s EPM Foundation Services to provide common services upon which companies can create, deploy, and manage enterprise performance management applications in one place. The service components included with Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting are Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, and Oracle’s Hyperion Shared Services; these components are responsible for user management, single sign-on, shared security, and authentication.


  • Key Features
    • Generally accepted accounting principles-compliant report production
    • Multiple output options (including Web, PDF, Microsoft Office and mobile devices)
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Alerts
    • Report annotations
    • Multiformat publishing
    • Financial close process integration
    • Disclosure management process integration
    • Broad EPM and BI application support
  • Key Benefits
    • Automated report production
    •Wide format variety
    •Worldwide distribution
    • Flexible, scalable architecture
    • Minimal IT engagement
    • Access to timely, accurate data
    • Collaboration and efficiency
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Problem: The Hyperion Financial reports developed by another consulting company did not meet the clients requirements

Solution: After discussing the issues with the current set of reports we developed a plan, prioritized tasks and executed the plan. After 1 week all high priority were accepted by the users and after 4 weeks all reports were complete.

Problem Solved
  • Gibney Consulting’s Hyperion Performance Management Applications
    Gibney Consulting’s Hyperion performance management applications are an integrated, modular that support a broad range of strategic and financial performance management processes and helps unlock business potential.
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    Gibney Consulting’s Hyperion performance management applications provide the following capabilities:
    Strategy Management
    Financial Close and Reporting
    Enterprise Business Planning
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    Enterprise Dimension Management
* Courtesy of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting data sheet, 2013

Analytics Platform

As expert consultants, Gibney Consulting knows how to improve business performance with a broad set of capabilities for budgeting, discovery, advanced analytics, reporting, and forecasting.

  • SmartView — A comprehensive tool that unlocks the power Hyperion and Oracle Business Intelligence within the full Microsoft Office™ product suite.  Thus allowing users to access and manipulate data using a familiar Office product. SmartView features include Adhoc free form analysis, Predefined form interaction, and Report design.
  • Hyperion Financial Reports — allows users to create pixel perfect reports.  These reports can be grouped together to create a book of reports and can be scheduled to run and be emailed out to specific group of people at designated times.
  • Hyperion Web Analysis — provides executives, business users, and analysts with the most intuitive, user-directed query and analysis capabilities available, accessed through either context-driven, thin client user interface or a Web-based interactive portal.  The tool produces a highly graphical and easy-to-use interactive interface, which enables users to view their data in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Essbase — Essbase is the analytical engine underneath the hood for the Hyperion applications as well as providing for the business intelligence built into the newly released Oracle Fusion Applications product suite. There is no other EPM solution with the powerful underlying technology processing analysis for the enterprise like Essbase. Writing in Information Age’s 10th anniversary issue, editor Kenny MacIver said: “Hyperion Essbase was the multi-dimensional database technology that put online analytical processing on the business intelligence map. It has spurred the creation of scores of rival OLAP products — and billions of OLAP cubes.”

Oracle Essbase Cloud Service (coming soon)Industry’s best MOLAP engine made easy for the cloud.

 Casual analytics and power users alike can enrich their experience through discovery and collaboration.
With Oracle managing the environment, upgrades and administrative activities are push-button easy. RESTful APIs are available for process automation.

Scalability on demand to support the ebb and flow of the business cycle from recurring data refreshes to month end processes and the lulls in between.

Encrypted at rest and in transit your content is secure. Once ingested additional layers of security are applied through granular control over data access and update.

A Harvard Business Review Anaiytic Services Report: “The Rising Cloud of Business Analytics” Oracle-Cloud-Report-2015

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