Upgrades and Migrations

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Gibney Consalting offers Upgrades and Migrations for Oracle Hyperion(EPM), Business Intelligence, and Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application(OFSAA) products. Our Infrastructure and Consulting teams are experts and as an Oracle Platinum Partner, they have had the ability to install and use the new releases prior to the public release. This allows us to test the new release and understand how the changes are going to change the prior release before subjecting our clients to become a testing ground.

Gibney’s Consulting thorough Upgrade and Migration plans take all necessary precautions to ensure that our client’s applications and data are securely backed up first and foremost before staring any project. Gibney Consulting then will proceed with the Upgrade or Migration and will document in detail the steps and activities to ensure the client have a detailed Upgrade or Migration document.

Things to consider:


  • Is this going to be an in place or parallel upgrade?
  • The latest release may not be the best version for your environment.  Gibney Consulting can advise you on the best version to upgrade to.
  • Do you really need that patch release?
  • Are you on a very old version?  There may be an easier way to get to the latest version.


  • Do you want all the data?
  • How much historical data do you want to keep?
  • Do you want all the applications?
  • What artifacts do you need in the new environment?
  • Do you want to consolidate multiple environments into one?

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Problem: The Hyperion Financial reports developed by another consulting company did not meet the clients requirements

Solution: After discussing the issues with the current set of reports we developed a plan, prioritized tasks and executed the plan. After 1 week all high priority were accepted by the users and after 4 weeks all reports were complete.

Problem Solved

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